Christian David Rheber

composer | arranger | producer

compositions for film and stage

early music - classical music - pop music - jazz music - contemporary music

Here you can listen to music from different musical genres.

I prefer to write for string orchestra, symphony orchestra or piano. But I also find smaller line-ups and the combination with beats and synthetic sounds interesting.

Soundalikes and style copies of well-known composers are also part of my repertoire.

Here you can see live recordings of my compositions for film and stage.

I write for a wide variety of projects, including well-known ensembles such as the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra.

The animated film "Latte & the Magic Waterstone", for which I was allowed to write the orchestral arrangements, was shown in international cinemas from December 25, 2019. The film is currently available on DVD, Blu-ray and for streaming on Amazon.

If you are interested in working with me, just contact me!

I would be happy to discuss your wishes with you and help you to provide your project with a musical, emotional atmosphere to the point.

The use of my music on the Internet is GEMA-free.

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composition competition #cuetubescoringcompetition2020

I composed a new score for the short film "Caminandes" by Pablo Vazquez as part of an international composition competition (UK).

From a large number of composers from a total of 78 (!) Countries I was able to place my contribution among the top 5.

Christian David Rheber

Are you just getting stuck with the stock music available on the market? Do you need musically meaningful transitions and music that adapts to the respective scene for your film production? No problem! I compose freely or design the music according to your template. I would be happy to advise you on the style and create layouts for your video material.

Would you like your production to sound like a particular composer? No problem either! Soundalikes are one of my specialties. I have a diploma in music theory / composition and am very familiar with the styles of all of the well-known composers.

Not only composition is my specialty. Likewise the production of music, which is a science in itself. For more than 20 years I have been producing music in a wide variety of fields. Miking, recording, editing, mixing and the right mastering are the basis for professional production.

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